What is … a fusion drive?

fusiondrive1-200x200The fusion drive in the new iMacs combines speed and high capacity in a drive compared to Flash Storage vs SSD

Anyone planning to buy a new iMacs, may wonder what is going on with this fusion drive on to the now models available as a configuration option for the 21 “and 27” available. That’s why I want to give some important information about this new technology.

Although always talk about is “the fusion drive” is not a physical drive, but the combination of a SSD, so a flash memory, and a traditional hard drive. The components themselves are nothing new, but the operating system OS X combines the two drives to a logical drive that combines the advantages of both. the speed of an SSD with the large capacity (1 or 3 TB) It is “fused” a hard disk. The operating system detects how often certain files are being used, and then moves them in the background on the SSD or HDD. The files often used recharges much faster than the less used.


So who ordered a new iMac as a “1TB Fusion Drive”, receives an iMac equipped with a 1TB hard drive PLUS a 128 GB SSD. The SSD flash memory is accommodated as the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina Display on a small board that is plugged on the logic board (see picture).


Only when the iMac will be ordered with Fusion Drive, the slot for the flash memory is located on the motherboard. Whoever ordered an iMac without fusion drive, can this NOT subsequently with a fusion drive equip.

The size of the installed hard disk is different from the 27 “model of its smaller sibling. During the 21 “iMac for reasons of space, a 2.5” hard disk with 5400 U / min is installed, is located in the 27 “iMac a 3.5” hard disk with 7200 U / min. As the important data on the flash memory even when 21 “model, is likely not large worthy to this disadvantage.

For problems with the fusion drive the Disk Utility and helps OS X recovery . For more information about troubleshooting a fusion drive can also be found in this Apple support article database .

The installation of Windows via Boot Camp partition is possible on an iMac with Fusion Drive. However not currently TB on models with a 3 disk. In addition, the Windows partition is basically only on the hard drive and thus not benefited from the flash memory.

Apple hires T-Pain for Garageband Hotness!

IMG_0271Apple has updated its apps for music creation. One of them allows you to create music automatically when you sing. And the other is T-Pain pay as VIP demonstrator.

T-Pain, apps with effects, he knows, he became super famous for popularizing the autotune in HipHop (The autotune is the filter that corrects the voice of singing false loosers … )

T-Pain explains that make his sound with GarageBand, it’s super easy, even if it is unlikely that it itself uses the software for its own sounds … It also shows us that it can even control the app from the Apple Watch diamond, surely an Apple gift

If you want to like T-Pain, no need to have lots of synths. IPhone or iPad enough. Well, ok, it will also have some talent!

T-Pain has become luxury demonstrator for the new version of Garageband for windows. This is an app for creating music that already fairly easy to use even without being an expert, and last night, it’s even simpler.

This new Garageband drew heavily from another software known to all fans of HipHop: Abbleton Live. We can create songs based music loops, or its own samples, which are then assembled. It’s called patterns, and quickly come up with very good results and it is possible to create a complete song quickly without having played a single note of music, simply by sticking to sound ends together.

We can add his voice, effects, change in real time and do as well as T-Pain.

You still have to know them a bit to create music right?

Not even! In GarageBand, you can use smart instrument. By pressing a button, harmonic accompaniment generating quite complex and flawless recess. It works pretty good and you can create a piece that holds up in 5 minutes.

And the second this app has Apple is very original. Her name Memo Musical. It looks like a block of audio app notes. But it goes a step further. When we record playing guitar or singing, the application recognizes the notes interpreting (provided you do not sing like a pan). The app will then generate fully automatically, a drum track and a bass track in addition to support what has been recorded.

But what is it that Memo Musical?

Good question ! When you’re a singer or musician, it may happen to have an idea of melody, and we especially do not want to forget. Memo Musical therefore used to record these ideas and melodies will give an overview of the result with a bass and drums and more behind. The concept is quite magical.

If Garageband and Memo Musical interest you, it works on iPod Touch, iPad, and it’s blackjack on the AppStore.

Kik Messenger: create and join groups

feature_kik_tresensaTo create groups in anonymous Messenger Kik or join, only a few steps are necessary. You can find all information about it in this practical tip.

Create groups or join the Kik Messenger – so it’ll work

  1. Start the Kik Messenger and tap the bottom of the microscope.
  2. To search for a group, enter the hashtag of the group. This describes the theme of the group.
  3. To create a new group, tap “start a group” on.
  4. In the next window, you can specify the name and the image and the visibility of the group.

Kik Messenger: scan code – how it works

To add a contact in Kik For PC, you can scan the code. Learn here how to do this must be precise.

  1. Open the Messenger and click on the magnifying glass in the app.
  2. There, select the “Scan a Kik Code”. Alternatively, you can wipe the Home screen also down.
  3. Next, the camera opens, which you can then scan the code, for your contact.
  4. You can find it by> go to “Settings” “Your Kik Code”.

Grindr for PC – Free Download Windows Xp/7/8/OSX

GRINDR_Logo_YellowThere are many social networking apps for the LGBT available online. But so far, not a single app has become as popular as to serve the sole platform for the gay community to share their views and connect to each other. Grindr has set itself apart in that aspect as it lets you socialize in gay and bisexual communities.

How Does it Work

The Grindr app searches for people in your location using the GPS settings of your smartphone. You can easily contact people on Grindr. It helps you connect to those in your neighborhood who share the same interests.

Why Grindr

A Grindr profile guarantees you a free and convenient way to form connections with others. With so many incidents of posers online, finding a social network for the less privileged communities, who are still fighting for their rights, has become difficult. On Grindr, you just have to add your name, picture, and other relevant information which makes it easy for others, in and outside your locality, to know more about you.

More Features of Grindr

Take a look at some of these features of Grindr that will make you feel safe about this site.

  • Grindr helps you share pictures, videos, and a lot more, once you have established a connection with your contacts.
  • You can search up to 300 contacts for free with this app. For any more, you need to purchase it.
  • You can connect to people that you feel safe with. Your personal information is not shared with someone until you wish to split your details by yourself and fix a meeting.
  • You can easily block troublesome users.
  • You can also mark people favorites those you want to visit again.

The app has a feature that will develop respect for it in your mind. This feature is the complete absence of advertisements. This gives you a really good feel when you use the app, unlike other free apps in the same category that makes them look like they are bombarding you with promos.

The Good Work Done by Grindr

Being a gay or bisexual can make you face a lot of hardships online. People who have been through bad experiences online opinionate that they have faced many fake profiles and fallen victims to scams online. With Grindr, this problem looks like it is soon going to become a thing of the past. This app bestows you with one of the safest ways to meet a person online as long as you employ your own discretion.

Download Grindr for PC

Now that you know how easy it is to meet people from the gay and bisexual communities with Grindr, you may consider downloading it for your PC.

For your Windows 7/8/XP computer, all you need to do is get the Bluestacks application that lets you run Android applications on your computer.

Once you install it successfully, search for Grindr using the search box and download it from the search results.

You can easily launch the application on your computer after you install the file you have downloaded to your computer.

Our Verdict

Grindr is a great app for mobile users to connect with gay and bisexual communities. It is also one of its kinds in that it does not harass you with advertisements or divulge your personal details. Feel free to install it on your PC and connect to people in the comfort of your home.